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03 January 2023

6 Villages in Tuscany Where to Live | Castello Banfi Wine Resort

Are you dreaming of a slower life, surrounded by nature, with locally-farmed products? Then follow this guide to small dream-like Tuscan hamlets.

6 small Tuscan hamlets you could live in

Tuscany, a land filled with history and culture in every form, apart from being a coveted destination for tourists all over the world, it is also a region where you could think about moving for good to change your lifestyle.

The main appeal is that of small Tuscan hamlets, where you can enjoy life closer to nature, which can offer several career opportunities in the tourist, farming, and wine & food sectors.

If you are wondering where to move to Tuscany to change your lifestyle, here are five small Tuscan hamlets to live in.

Brento Sanico

Brento Sanico is a tiny Tuscan hamlet, in the heart of the Upper Mugello mountains, in a partially-hidden valley; it is a unique chance to move to Tuscany, leaving the chaotic city life behind, to pursue farming or animal husbandry, for instance.

This hamlet, abandoned in the 1960s, is the focus of an important redevelopment and repopulation project. The houses will be renovated using the beautiful local sandstone and loaned for free use.


Sovana, part of the Municipality of Sorano in the Grosseto province, is one of the most enchanting small Tuscan hamlets to live in if you love art and culture. It was already inhabited in Etruscan times, and it soon became an important Medieval hamlet.

Evidence of its ancient past is visible everywhere inside the town, among the numerous religious and military buildings, such as the Rocca Aldobrandesca or the archaeological area nearby.

The town has a few hundred residents and is well-connected to the other towns in Maremma.

Bagno Vignoni

Bagno Vignoni too has very ancient origins. The Romans favored it, over the other towns in Val d’Orcia, for the presence of thermal baths of volcanic origins, and even Lorenzo De’ Medici visited it.

San Gimignano

Surely bigger and more famous than the others in this list, San Gimignano is known as the “city of towers” and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Moving to Tuscany and deciding to live in San Gimignano offers the chance to enjoy all the perks of a small hamlet without giving up other services and infrastructures. Moreover, this Tuscan hamlet offers several career opportunities in the tourist and wine-making sector.


Equally famous for its wine, for its thermal waters, and for its typically Medieval aspect, Montepulciano is one of the most enchanting places to live in Tuscany. The town, which houses almost 15,000 residents, is right on the border with the Umbria region and is surrounded by green areas, perfect for families who love trekking and hiking.

Poggio alle Mura

Among the most characteristic Medieval places in Tuscany, there is also Poggio alle Mura, in the Municipality of Montalcino, a short distance away from the Grosseto province.

Castello Banfi di Poggio alle Mura, one of the best wine resorts near Montalcino, is located here. Although it is not possible to live in Poggio alle Mura, moving near here, such as to Montalcino, for instance, will give you a chance to start a life in contact with nature, with many career opportunities in the wine sector.

Wine lovers will also have the chance to visit Enoteca Banfi, an enchanting Tuscan emporium of yesteryear, where they can find some of the most popular labels by Banfi and local producers. Moreover, Castello Banfi houses the Ristorante La Sala dei Grappoli and La Taverna, perfect places for those who love the taste of tradition.

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