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01 January 2023

How to open a wine shop? | Castello Banfi Wine Resort

From wine to the location atmosphere, here is how Castello Banfi Wine Resort opened its wine bar and a few tips to open your own one.

How do you open a successful wine shop?

In the last years wine bars, and winery tours in Italy are growing fast. And many people are wondering what it takes to open a successful wine shop. This short guide on how to open a wine shop will answer all the most frequently asked questions on this topic.

Difference between a wine cellar and a wine shop

First of all, we should make a distinction between a wine cellar and a wine bar, which are often incorrectly used as synonyms:

●      A wine cellar is a place to store wine, such as the cellars of restaurants;

●      The wine bar (or wine shop), on the other hand, provides the sale of wine and the administration of food pairings; therefore, it better represents the concept of a wine shop.

What does it take to open a wine shop?

Just like any other business, you need a business plan. It should include several analyses, such as:

●      A cost estimate required to open your shop;

●      A target analysis, considering the kind of customers you wish to target with your business;

●      The location interior design;

●      The business’ medium and long-term objectives.

How can I get a wine license?

If you want to open a wine bar or a wine cellar, it is best to get a diploma from a hospitality training institute or have at least two years of experience in the restaurant sector before opening your store and having attended a sommelier class.

Moreover, Italian regions frequently offer SAB (Food and Beverage Service) classes, which train and qualify to open a store where food and beverages are sold. Furthermore, you need the HACCP certificate for the hygienic and safety standards required to serve food and beverages to the public.

And, of course, a license to sell alcoholic beverages. So, how can I get a wine license? You just need to submit the relevant request to the Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli, even via registered letter. Lastly, the following documents are required to open a wine cellar or a wine bar:

●      Segnalazione Certificata di Inizio Attività (SCIA) for business activities;

●      VAT number;

●      Relevant ATECO code.

How much does it cost to open a wine shop?

Documents, permits, and licenses are the first items to add to the budget required to open a wine cellar; then, you should add the rental fees or purchase of the venue, furniture, wine supply, and staff costs.

On average, the initial cost to open a wine cellar is around 30,000 euros, plus the wine.

Enoteca Banfi - A success story

In order to better understand what you need to open a wine shop, we advise you to take some successful businesses on our territory as an example, such as Enoteca Banfi, located in the heart of the land of Brunello, at Castello Banfi Wine Resort, just 20 km from Montalcino.

The first thing that strikes visitors upon entering this wine cellar is its atmosphere. The furniture is made with fine materials and ancient pieces so as to recreate a Tuscan emporium from yesteryear. Walking into Enoteca Banfi is not just a purchasing experience but also a discovery of the places and traditions related to wine-making.

This wine cellar has a wide range of products for sale: spumante, grappa, extra virgin olive oil, and many other local gourmet products, as well as a careful selection of Banfi wines, renowned and appreciated throughout the world for their quality and taste.

Lastly, Enoteca Banfi holds tasting experiences for its guests with local products (cheese, cold cuts, etc.) paired with different wines and a visit to the fascinating Banfi winery. These tours include a walk through the vineyards, where you can admire multiple grape varieties cultivated in the Banfi estate and a classy, rustic, yet modern environment in the winery.

Care for the customer and the finest products for sale are the other essential thing to keep in mind, to open a successful wine shop.

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