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01 January 2023

How to recycle wooden wine boxes: 5 ideas | Castello Banfi Wine Resort

They can become shelves, storage compartments, or pet accessories - 5 tips to recycle wooden wine boxes.

5 ideas to recycle wine boxes

Wooden wine boxes - especially those from fine bottles - make the product more valuable. Indeed, they are often hand-made with fine wood.

The nicest ones are sometimes stored along with the bottles or displayed in the wine cellar or living room as designer accessories. Alternatively, they can be recycled into entirely new objects. To this end, there are many different ideas on how to recycle wooden wine boxes.

Since they are rectangular objects with a very versatile shape, and long-lasting, durable material, wine boxes can be reused in many different places in your home. Here are five ideas on how to recycle wooden wine boxes.

Spice or tea holders

If you are wondering how to recycle wooden wine boxes, the easiest solution is to give them a new life, without making any substantial changes, just by changing their content and using them to store spices or tea bags. You can choose to leave them as is or to embellish them with the decoupage technique for a fascinating vintage effect.

Single wine bottle boxes are perfect for teabags. The size of a single wooden wine bottle box makes it ideal to be reused to hold most of the teabags available on the market.

Or, if you want to use it as a spice holder, you can use the box as is or hang it on the wall securely fastened, and then arrange all the spice jars inside, so you can easily reach them when you are cooking. Adding a few aromatic plants between the spice jars, along with the rustic-chic effect of wooden boxes, make this wine box reuse idea truly classy and very simple to achieve.


Another very easy idea to recycle your wooden wine boxes is to use them as shelves to hang on walls or to create actual bookcases using the wine boxes as shelving. Thanks to boxes versatility, you can create endless combinations, alternating empty and full spaces with captivating layouts, or by placing the boxes one on top of the other for a more classic design. This kind of bookcase is perfect for a rustic or shabby-chic environment.


This idea to reuse wine boxes requires some handiwork for a one-of-a-kind, sophisticated, and classy result, which can be placed in any room of your home to recreate a relaxing atmosphere. Here is how to turn a wine box into a decorative lamp.

One of the easiest way is to use the box without the lid and turn it into a light box by gluing a small LED strip light inside it, a few inches from the edge. Then, you can add a shiny or matte Plexiglas sheet in place of the lid, which can be further decorated with writings or stylized images.

Another method is to cut out a shape (perhaps a wine bottle or glass) using the right tools, then add a lamp inside the box and cut a hole on the back for the cable to pass through.

Glass holder

A classy idea for true connoisseurs is to turn wine boxes into wine cellar decorations, such as glass storage shelves.

Wine glasses should be stored upside down to prevent dust from collecting inside them. Also, to prevent the rims from chipping, they should be raised from the shelf. To achieve this purpose, you can fit a glass holder inside the box on one of the longer sides. The majority of these glass racks can be fitted on wooden elements, such as shelves or recycled wine boxes.

A solution with hanging glasses reusing wooden wine boxes is elegant, sophisticated, practical, and functional for their perfect conservation.

Pet kennel

A unique idea to recycle wooden wine boxes is to turn them into comfortable pet kennels for cats or small dogs. Larger wine boxes that house two or three bottles are perfect for this purpose.

You can upholster the bottom with a padded cushion to make it even more comfortable for your furry friends. You can even make a multi-level kennel by fitting wooden blocks to raise and support another box/kennel on the four upper boxes of the first box.

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