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20 June 2022

Jazz & Wine in Montalcino 2022: info | Castello Banfi Wine Resort

Jazz & Wine in Montalcino is back. Discover all the useful information on dates, programme events and tips on where to eat and stay during the event.

Jazz & Wine in Montalcino 2022: dates, events and useful information

The Montalcino nights will once again ring out with the hot, passionate sounds of jazz, accompanied by fine wines to tickle your taste buds while the music delights your ears: we’re talking about Jazz & Wine in Montalcino, the summer Festival eagerly awaited by lovers of good wine and great music.

The event, now in its 25th edition, is being held from 19 - 24 July, when the thrilling setting of Castello Banfi and Fortezza di Montalcino will be hosting artists from the international music scene, such as Jacques Morelenbaum, Ron Carter and Mario Biondi.

This year’s artistic director is Eugenio Rubei, following in the footsteps of his brother, Paolo, previous artistic director who recently passed away. The Rubei family, from the Alexanderplatz Jazz Club in Rome, together with the Municipality of Montalcino and Castello Banfi. Banfi has always promoted good music, culture and talent, and this year it has decided to give enthusiasts an unforgettable experience under the stars, with jazz music in all its many facets.

Jazz & Wine in Montalcino 2022: il program

Just like every year, Jazz & Wine in Montalcino has a truly exceptional program, with seven evenings dedicated to music and fine wine.

Opening concert at Castello Banfi Wine Resort – 19 July

The Festival begins on 19 July with a performance by famous cellist Jacques Morelenbaum, accompanied by guitarist Lula Galvão, drummer Rafael Barata and vocalist Paula Morelenbaum. The unique setting for this performance with a Brazilian rhythm is the historic Castello di Poggio alle Mura, now better known as Castello Banfi, which, from 9:45pm, will be transformed into the perfect stage for Jazz & Wine in Montalcino 2022.

Concerts in Fortezza (Montalcino) – from July 20th

On 20 July the concerts will be moving to Fortezza a Montalcino, a place with great evocative power and historic beauty, which will captivate music lovers before they even hear the first notes. First on stage is jazz legend Ron Carter, accompanied by Jimmy Greene on sax, Renee Rosnes on the piano and Payton Crossley on drums.

On 21 July is the grand première of the Orchestra Nazionale Alexanderplatz, created thanks to the hard work and passion of Eugenio Rubei and conducted by Maestro Franco Piana.

On 22 July, the Fortezza will be hosting one of the most long-awaited guests of Jazz & Wine in Montalcino 2022: French artiste Richard Galliano, the genius who revolutionised jazz with his accordion, who has decided to celebrate his 50 years in music in the stunning setting of the Festival of Montalcino.

23 July will see the performance of an extraordinary jazz trio consisting of John Patitucci (bass), Rogerio Boccato (drums) and Yotam Silberstein (guitar), to give jazz fans a Saturday evening that’s all about a magical performance of Brazilian rhythm. 

Finally, on 24 July there will be an important tribute to Paolo Rubei by one of his dearest friends and colleagues, Mario Biondi, who, together with the Daniele Sannapieco 5et quintet will close this edition of Jazz & Wine in Montalcino with a magical mix of jazz and soul: an evening truly not to be missed.

The program for Jazz & Wine in Montalcino 2022 has a great deal to offer in terms of extraordinarily talented international artists, who will delight enthusiasts with their art and music. Ticket prices vary from 15 to 25 euro according to the chosen evening, and they can be purchased directly from the Vivaticket circuit.

Jazz & Wine in Montalcino: where to eat and stay

During Jazz & Wine in Montalcino, the wine is equally as important as the music: the event offers all enthusiasts the possibility to savour the best in Tuscan wines, to find out more about the traditional wineries, and to visit the areas where the sun kisses the land to create authentic masterpieces in a bottle.

This is why your programme simply must include gastro tours and time to relax in the stunning Tuscan hills. The ideal place to stay during Jazz & Wine in Montalcino is the Castello Banfi Wine Resort , the backdrop for the festival’s first concert: the exclusive Hotel Il Borgo, in its timeless setting, with mediaeval towers and centuries-old trees is ready to accommodate lovers of fine wine and music with the same courtesy and professionalism as always. 

During the Jazz & Wine in Montalcino, you can visit the Castello Banfi Wine Resort, enjoy long rides on horseback, tempt your palate with a  visit to the Banfi wine cellars, and enjoy traditional Tuscan cuisine at  La Taverna or you can also enjoy the extraordinary experience of dishes by Michelin-star Chef Domenico Francone at Sala dei Grappoli, or relax with a wonderful professional massage. All of these activities are the perfect way to rediscover your inner peace and recharge your batteries before becoming fully immersed in the musical experience of Jazz & Wine in Montalcino.




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